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    • Quick response

      24-hour customer service

      EV EV POWER has a professional construction and maintenance team with rich on-site construction experience, responding to the request for repair within 2 hours and solving problems within 24 hours, so as to ensure that the construction environment will be safe and tidy.
    • Quality supervision by authoritative institutions

      Prevent electric leakage to ensure safety and reliability

      Lightning protection circuits are built in the charging equipment to prevent thunder and lightning from damaging the charging piles; ground detection circuits are also built in the equipment to ensure good grounding. The internal and external electric leakage detection is carried out for timely power-off and power-on. Charging equipment complies with the quality management system standard.
    • Plug and charging

      Equipment adapts to multiple types of interconnection.

      QR code scanning through Bluetooth and 4G network make the pile information to be interconnected, achieving plug and charging for users.
    • Professional and reliable

      Focus on the new energy charging equipment industry

      EV POWER was established in Hong Kong in 2010, and entered the Chinese mainland in 2014, focusing on the R&D and operation of new energy charging equipment and winning recognition of many authoritative industry institutions and partners.

    EV POWER, which originates from Hong Kong, has invested a lot of resources in communities/office buildings/supermarkets according to the current situation in China, providing equipment, platforms, users and data operation services for property management companies and electric vehicle users, as well as all-round charging solutions for car manufacturer partners.